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  • Sergei Timshin

About Patio on Yonge

Hi friends!

There was an important update that didn't get much attention: We already set up a summer patio for SAVA on Yonge.

The patio turned out to be crucial for that location as it added 4-5 extra tables. Making summer months sales around 20% higher comparing to winter months. Interestingly, when we were opening SAVA 2 years ago, we thought that the trend will be the opposite.

There are some pros and cons of having the patio.


  1. Guests are enjoying the outdoor sitting. In fact, for some guests it is a key point whether a restaurant has outdoor sitting during the warm months

  2. Dogs and other pets are allowed on the patio.

  3. Patio is much more comfortable for families with a stroller.

  4. The cafe looks busier and more attractive where there are guests sitting and walking outside.


  1. It costs about $2,000+ to set it up, and took us almost 6 months to get our first permit

  2. The patio requires extra attention, and staff have to take orders outside now: not only serving but also constantly sweeping the floor

  3. Useless when it’s rainy outside, so we end up being slow and overstaffed.

  4. INSECTS! Last year, from August to October, there were a lot of wasps… This is not only our issue, it’s a common problem as they build their nests between the brick of old buildings. This year we planted geranium and mint and hanging traps way before we start seeing them. Hopefully, these will work.

Overall it is definitely worth it!

By the way, do you enjoy the outdoor sitting or would you rather prefer to be inside by working AC?

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