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  • Sergei Timshin

April 2024. Performance Report

Sofia is making a whipped cream on Roncy

Hi friends,

Sergei here with our monthly performance updates! We're including sales from the second location as well, so the revenue is significantly higher now.

  1. The total revenue is approximately $90K. The new location generated approximately $46K, which is higher than we expected. Before opening, we predicted the first-month revenue to be around $30K. Now I realize that estimate was too low since Roncy is a busy area.

  2. The total check at the new location is smaller ($17.4 vs. $18.8 at Roncy). This is because of pastry and coffee sales. Our Roncy store serves as a coffee shop, where people make a lot of small purchases.

  3. Top-selling items at Roncy are Americano, Latte, Brewed Coffee, Cappuccino, and Croissants. This reinforces the point that people may consider SAVA as a coffee shop. In contrast, top items sold at Yonge are Croissants, Latte, Banana Strawberry Nutella crepe, Americano, and Cappuccino.

  4. The most popular crepes are similar for both locations: Ham Egg and Swiss, Creamy Turkey, Power up, Banana Strawberry Nutella.

I think starting from next month, I will be posting our reports in a slightly different format. I will include charts and some historical data. I'll keep you posted.

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