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  • Sergei Timshin

Marketing for SAVA on Roncy

Hi Friends!

May turned out to show different trends for our two locations. SAVA on Yonge was very busy (we broke our historical record in sales), but Roncy feels a little bit slower. Of course, we just opened the second location and it’s too early to talk about any trends, but it seems like guests from Roncy might be spending time somewhere else during summer months. At least, we have available tables during rush hours on weekends, which is very unusual for us.

What do you do when it’s slow in a cafe? You start coming up with marketing activities to attract people! Here are some of them that we tried :

  1. Hand over samples outside

  2. Paid online Ada

  3. Online Magazines Ads

  4. Collaborations with food bloggers

  5. Outside A-sign with a new Promo: Free Coffee with every crepe

  6. Writing this blog (it also serves like our diary)

Guess which activities worked better? And feel free to share any other marketing channels or maybe some unusual ways to bring more guests :)

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