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  • Sergei Timshin

Monthly Sales Report. Jan 2024

Hi Friends!

Every month we prepare reports to track our progress and to have some kind of a dashboard to quickly pin point and address potential issues. I was thinking it might be interesting to share some stats about SAVA from Jan 2024:

  1. Revenue: ~ $36K . It is lower than we expected, but still 25% higher than the last year. We thought that January would be higher than December, like it was a year ago. However, it was was not the case. I think last year we saw this trend since we were still actively growing that time month by month.

  2. Deliveries hit the record sales

  3. The total number of transaction was roughly 1800 with the average ticket ~$20

  4. Top three products Quantity: Croissants, Latte, Banana Strawberry Nutella Crepe

  5. Top three products Sales : Banana Strawberry Nutella crepe, Ham Egg Swiss crepe, Creamy Turkey crepe

  6. The busiest time: Weekends lunch from 11am-2pm

  7. Slowest time: Wednesday Evenings

We keep going! Will be back with February updates in a month :)

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