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New Buckwheat Crepes

Hi Friends!

If you’ve been to SAVA you know that we offer our savoury crepes on two bases: wheat and buckwheat. Wheat batter was created based on Sofia’s (founder & chef) family recipe wth some correction to large skillets. Buckwheat batter was made similarly to wheat batter but using a different flour. And that was the case until today!

Some pre-story: When I joined SAVA in September we started to think on how to make SAVA experience even more memorable, and we started to look at what our colleagues in France are doing. We got so into it that Sofia booked a crepe course and went to Paris to learn the foundation and traditions of crepes & galette (galettes de sarrasin = buckwheat crepes) in France.

She also had a chance to visit a couple of kitchens in Paris and talked to chefs. There were lots on insights (many of them are still waiting for their time), but the main one was the secret of authentic buckwheat batter. For the last month we’ve been playing with different sweeteners, cooking temperature, liquidity and folding methods and I think we got it!

Now, what did we change in a recipe?? Quite a lot: we removed eggs and milk, plus the batter goes through the fermentation process for a couple of days now. All this has made our crepes crispier, lighter, and more delicious! Of course, I cannot reveal all of the secrets but we are expecting a big positive impact. And there is another benefit: this buckwheat batter can be vegan (if you ask us to skip the butter)! So, it’s a win-win-win from all perspectives.

As a bonus, we also decided to change the way we fold crepes. Starting from now, we will be serving them as classic galettes with some ingredients looking out. Believe it or not, I think it also impacts the taste. It feels more special now and adds some authenticity. Come to SAVA to try and share your feedback with us! :)


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