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SAVA on Roncy Soft Opening!

Hi Friends!

I was about to make this post a couple of days ago, but it’s hard to find time when you finish working at 10 pm and start again at 7 am.

SAVA crepes and coffee at 221 Roncy is softly open!

10 min before opening. Sergei is ready

We managed to do it in March as we initially planned, which I consider a great success. There were a lot of pitfalls and challenges we faced, and I will make a dedicated post about it.

But this post is about our soft opening, how it went, and what we have learned so far.

Our very first guests:

Two ladies at table # 10 (closest to the entrance) ordered a Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Croissant, and Banana Strawberry Nutella Crepe.

Some Statistics from the first 5 days:

  1. Total Sales: 437

  2. Crepes sold: 478

  3. Drinks sold: 399

  4. Croissants sold: 134

  5. Most popular crepe: Lemon Cream

  6. Average check: around $21

  7. Weekends were crazy busy. Both Saturday and Sunday we had a full house from 9 am to 3 pm.

  8. Top sales so far on Sunday: $4119 in revenue (includes taxes and tips).

First Weekend

We are a little bit slow now, especially during rush hours. Our team is brand new, and we are in a learning curve. Plus, we are also trying to adopt a new POS system and a new format (full service). As a result, our guests may wait for their orders for 20 minutes, but we are working on it. We should get much faster in a couple of weeks when we fix some issues. For example, we just realized that our mobile devices do not allow us to print kitchen tickets and all servers need to enter the orders via one POS, which makes it a bottleneck. You can notice this during rush hours.

Sofia (founder) and almond croissants

Arthur at the crepe station

Overall, the soft opening went really well. Nothing broke, we managed to prepare all the ingredients (thanks to our chef Arthur), all the guys worked as a team. We just need to polish all the processes. I will come back with the updates very soon and reveal stats for both locations at the beginning of April.

And last but not least, we wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all our guests, the Roncy community, and our neighbors for your support and warm welcome! Who wants to stop by and say “Hi”, we will see you at 9 am at SAVA :)

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