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  • Sergei Timshin

What is SAVA today?

Updated: Jan 29

Hi friends!

I thought it might be good to know a little bit more about SAVA before I start talking about our processes and how we are opening a new location.

I would not say it’s a brand new business, although it is still very young. We (well, maybe not me, but Sofia before I joined) have already achieved something, made mistakes and gained a lot of experience.

So, here are some facts about SAVA:

  • Sofia Reshetnikova (my partner, CEO and wife) started SAVA 2 years ago in Nov 2021. SAVA is a crepe cafe. We do sweet and savoury French style crepes, coffee and pastries.

  • We are using our family recipe for the crepes. Sofia’s father cooks crepes every weekend (he still does) and that inspired us to open SAVA.

  • SAVA is a really small cafe with just 4 tables. Overall, the entire location is just around 700 sq ft (including kitchen and a service area).

  • We are located on the most famous Canadian street. Our address is 2674 Yonge street. But I cannot say we are in the busiest area. We are kind of at the end of the commercial area where traffic is not that big. But we still manage to get guests (especially on weekends) and people come for crepes even from other parts of Toronto

  • We are the longest survivor in this location. Previous businesses closed down in less than 2 years. So, we consider it as a success.

  • We are a small team of 10 people now. Everyone is cross-trained: knows how to serve guest, make drinks, cook crepes, clean. We recently promoted our supervisor to a manager position.

  • Last year we made around $600k in revenue. For some it may sound impressive, for others it’s nothing, but we are profitable in 2023! Once again, it’s a revenue. So, you need to subtract food cost, salaries, rent and all other expenses. It will give you much smaller number as a profit.

  • After 2 years of running a small cafe, we decided to open a second location. It will be bigger and in a busy area. The new location will be close to the High Park on 221 Roncesvalles Ave. The place is under construction and we are planning to open in March 2024

Now, you have at least an idea of what SAVA crepes and coffee is. So you may better understand what resources we have and what we do. I will be sharing updates about our current location and also describe our steps of how we are opening a second location! Stay tuned. P.S some pict in carousel:

  1. A day before opening in Nov 2021

  2. A second week of operation. Sofia (left), Nov 2021

  3. Our facade. Halloween, Oct 2023

  4. SAVA inside. Jan 2024

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