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Who are we?

Updated: Jan 29

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting more stories about crepes and coffee on my profile. And at the same time I did not mention anything about my IT company for a while.

Well, after some talks and contemplations with my wife we decided that if we combine our efforts and focus on one project, we could achieve more results. When we crunched some numbers we realized that SAVA (my wife’s creperie) looks more robust as a business. So, here I am! Starting my journey in the hospitality industry as a Business Development Manager (I just came up with this title myself 😄).

So, what is SAVA? It’s a small crepe cafe located in Uptown Toronto. When I say small, I mean it’s smaller that you probably can imagine (I will talk about it later). My wife Sofia started it in Nov 2021 when Covid was still popular. It was planned as a pilot project and we tried to reduce all the risks… and we rented a place a little bit off the main traffic. Sava serves crepes, coffee & pastry and I would say it as a cozy family cafe.

We decided that I should join as we are planning to expand and open a second location. In our case, it is riskier to run one small cafe rather than opening a second bigger one but in the right place. I am covering marketing, accounting, equipment maintenance and some operations, while Sofia is responsible for a the biggest parts: menu, HR, customer service, construction of a new location and millions of other tasks as a CEO (including supervising me). But I am gradually learning and taking over more and more.

It is hard to open a brick and mortar business: It’s pricy (think about hundrets of thousands), risky, a lot of paperwork, etc. I thought if we share our experience with people it may help someone to save money and time for starting a cafe. Plus, it may connect us with interesting people! I am thinking it might be some sort of a reality show of how to open a cafe in North America. So, let’s begin:) Next time I will reveal some numbers and what is our plan with a new location. Stay tuned.

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